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How to detail your headlight

We get it – headlight restoration can be boring and not sexy. But it is necessary for your safety and also pedestrian and other vehicles. Also essential, if you are looking to sell your car or just want your ride to look nice. Many people think if their headlights become cloudy – they need new headlights. Absolutely, Not True!

How to detail your headlight

Headlight Restoration, we clean off the accumulated oil, road grime, and other airborne contaminants to bring life back to your ride's dull headlights.

Headlight Detail
1) 1 Sander
2) Headlight Restoration Kit
3) 1 Microfiber towel

►Headlight detailing steps:
1) Clean both front headlights
2) Tape off the headlights (optional)
3) Buffer, Sand, and Wipe headlight to desired perfection
4) Apply Synthetic Wax Protectant
5) Remove the tape to finish

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