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Have Questions About Our Auto Detailing Services?


General Questions

Are you by appointment only?

Yes, 9 times out of 10 we will only service vehicles by appointment. There will be times where availability will open, and same-day service will be available. if you are interested in same-day service please contact us directly to confirm availability. Generally, booking an appointment will most likely guarantee you a service.

Check out video on "How To Book An Appointment With The Detail Team"

Do I have to be present for the entire detail or only when you’re done?

Although it isn't necessary, you are more than welcome to stay for the detailing process. A lot of our customers are not usually present, we'll greet them, and they'll make sure we have access to their vehicle, water and electricity so we can get to work!


If you happen to not be home and wanted to pay online, we can send you a link so that way you can easily pay for the service online.

Can I bring my car to you?

We are primarily a mobile based business but there will be times where drop offs are available for those who just prefer to drop off their vehicle and get it detailed. Please contact us directly for accommodations.

​Please keep in mind, we don't loan or let anyone borrow any personal vehicles.


What parts of New Jersey do you service?

We service Union County and adjacent Counties such as Essex, Hudson, Middlesex and more. You can read about our Mobile Detailing services right here.

Is there a mobile fee charge for you to come to me?

No, there will not be a travel fee for those within our service areas. The further out you are the higher the travel fee. We typically have a minimum required amount for us to come out if you are more than 20 miles away.



FAQ: Wash and Wax

Click here for the Service Page

Will this remove scratches from my paint?

Applying wax on your cars paint will technically hide very "small/light" micro scratches on your paint but not fully correct or get rid of any scratches on your paint.

If you're looking for some Paint correction work check out our paint correction page here. 


How long does the wax last?

Typically, we say between 6 months depending on how well your car is kept. If you keep it indoors in a garage it will last a lot longer than it would if it were out in the hot sun under 90-degree weather or worse.


Generally, Cars that are kept outdoors usually have a layer of wax for up to 6 months.

What kind of wax do you use?

There are tons of products out in the auto detailing industry, but with our experience and expertise we only select and use the best wax in the industry.

Its proven to add smiles to customers face with its incredible enhancement to your cars paint making it super shiny and keeping it well protected for up to 3 months!

How long does this service take?

Duration of service will vary on the condition, and size of your car. Generally, it can take us 2 to 4 hours to perform a Wash & Wax.


FAQ: Full Interior Cleaning

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How long does it take to clean my interior?

Duration of service will vary on the condition, and size of the vehicle. Generally, it can take us 2 to 4 hours.

What’s your cleaning process?

We use a variety of different brushes, machines, and cleaners to remove those ugly stains off your seats and carpet. No need to worry about any chemical smells our products leave behind a great smell, so your ride is more enjoyable.

We've cleaned over hundreds of interior and by now we have proven methods and tactics to tackle your car’s interior so you’re in good hands!

How long does it take for the seats to dry?

When the weather is relatively warm outside you can expect your carpets, seats, and floor mats to all be dry within 3 hours. Ideally the car should be 90% dry by the time we are finished so you can get to where you need to without worry.

Are you able to remove every stain?

We believe in our techniques and strategies and have proven results to back them up. With that being said, we cannot fully guarantee every stain will come off but can guarantee it will look significantly better than before!


Have any questions that weren't answered? Get in touch with us

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