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What tools do you need to properly wash your car's exterior?

It can easily get overwhelming with the plethora of Auto Detailing tools, techniques, and equipment that are out there today. Whether is pressure washer, washing chemicals, polishers, two bucket vs one bucket method, Polishing Vs. Compounding Vs. Wet Sanding, and even drying towels.

What tools do you need to properly wash your car's exterior?

We have compiled a list of auto detailing equipment, chemicals, and cleaning etiquettes.

We have partnered with our local detail product distributors to bring you some of the best in detailing products, tools, and equipments. We have an assortment of proDucts, tools, and Equipments such as Pressure Washers, Foam Cannons, Water Pump, Pressure Wash Gun, Deionizer machine, Ozone Machine, Air Freshners, Wash Soaps & Waxes, Polishers, And Many awesome products.

2) Exterior Detail

Equipment Needed:

- 2 Bucket (Wash Buck & Rinse Bucket)
- 1 Grit guard in Wash buckets
- Wash Soap (Add to Foam Cannon diluted & Add some to Wash bucket)
- 1 Foam Cannon
- 1 Clean Wash Mitts
- 1 Clean drying towel
- 1 Air dryer/blower
- 1 Glass Cleaner & 1 Microfiber cloth

3) Interior Detail

Equipment Needed:
- 1 Interior Bucket
- 1 Door Jam bucket
- 1 Window Glass Cleaner
- 1 Microfiber towels
- 1 of each Interior Detail brushes
- Air dryer or Air compressor
- Steamer *
- 1 LVP cleaner in Spry bottle (LVP) – diluted
- 1 LVP Conditioner *
- 1 Pump sprayer with Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo (CUS) * - diluted
- 1 Extractor Machine *

*Note: Use equipment with the appropriate services and conditions if needed. For example, Express Services don’t include LVP Cleaning, LVP Conditioning, and Carpet & Seat Extraction (CUS).

Equipment for Exterior Detail
- Pressure Washer
- Pressure Wash Gun
- Wash & Rinse Buckets (2 Buckets)
- Foam Cannon
- Microfiber Drying Towel
- Air Dryer or Air Blower
- Microfiber Wash Mitts
- Synthetic Clay Mitts or Pads
- Polishers & Buffing Machine

Equipment for Wheel & Tire
- Wheel Well Brush
- Wheel Extended Reach Brush
- Lug Nut Brush
- Wheel Face Brush
- Wheel Bucket (Only Used for Wheel & Engine Bay)
- Pump Sprayer
- Tire Dressing Applicator

Equipment for Interior Detail
- Vacuum
- Extractor
- Spray bottle
- Steamer
- Drill & Detail Brush Extensions
- Detail Brushes
- Microfiber Wash Cloth (For Interior Detail, Glass Cleaning, and Door Jams)
- Interior Buckets (Only Used for Interior!!)
- Door Jam Bucket (Only Used for Door Jam!!)
- Interior Applicator Pad
- Pump Sprayer (For Upholstery & Carpet Shampoo liquid)

- Grit Guard
(Helps separate debris and dirt that normally settles in Wash Buckets)

- Ryobi Undercarriage Cleaner

Chemicals & Liquid Soaps & Conditioners

- Wash Soap (concentrated)

- Degreaser (concentrated)

- All Purpose Cleaner (concentrated)

- Window Glass Cleaner

- Bug & Tar Remover (concentrated)

- Tire Dressing or Shine (Not Concentrated)

- Leather, Vinyl, and Plastic Cleaner (LVP) (concentrated)

- Upholstery & Carpet Shampoo (concentrated)

- Leather, Vinyl, and Plastic Conditioner (LVP Conditioner)

- Spray Wax Protectant

- 3D Speed All-In-One Polishing Compound

- Polishing/Buffing Pad

- Cutting Pad

Note: All chemicals that are concentrated will need to be diluted with water. Please see below diagram of dilution ratios.

Cleaning Etiquette
– Maintaining a good cleaning etiquette helps reduce cross-contaminations and scratching on paint and helps us deliver an exceptional service.
Designate buckets for the following:
- Wheel & Tire bucket
- Interior bucket
- Door Jam bucket
- Wash bucket
- Rinse bucket (can also be used for Interior cleaning)
Designate Towels
- Interior Towels
- Exterior Towels
- Drying Towels
- Glass & Window Towels
- Door Jam Towels
- Miscellaneous Towels (Used for Engine Bay or Drying wet carpets)

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