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What type of detailing job can you get with $50 dollars?

There are mobile detailers and car wash centers that provide different packages for those on a budget but still looking to get their car detailed.

What type of detailing job can you get with $50 dollars?

Our Express Detail is a basic service where we focus on the exterior of your car, in addition to a thorough interior vacuuming and center console dashboard wipe down.

►Express Silver detailing steps:
1. We clean the wheels and tires first
2. We do a pre- pressure wash of the entire car exterior
3. We pump spray degreaser to Door jams and then pre- pressure wash Door Jams
4. We foam the entire car’s exterior with Foam Cannon pre-filled with diluted Wash Liquid or Soap
5. We thoroughly Wash the entire body of the car with Microfiber Wash Mitts (from top to bottom) using the two-bucket method (1 Wash Bucket & 1 Rinse Bucket)
1. We first dry the car’s exterior with a clean Microfiber Drying towel & then Air Blower to dry off any left-over water.
2. We wipe down Door jambs with Microfiber towels set aside for door jams.
3. We thoroughly Vacuum Interior Cabin
4. We Clean All Cup Holders with LVP cleaner
5. We Clean Steering & Gear Cleaning with LVP cleaner
6. We Clean Console Dashboard & Cleaning AC Vents
6. We clean and protect the exterior windows with Window glass cleaner
7. We apply a tire dressing to all 4 Tires as a final touch

That is what $50 dollars can afford you as far as Mobile Detailing goes. If you are interested in this service please click the link below to book your appointment today!

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