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Why do need an Auto Detailer?

With car wash places popping up everywhere, sometimes faster than McDonalds or Subway some people have asked the question "Why Do you need an Auto Detailer"

Why do need an Auto Detailer?

Auto Detailing and Auto Spa means the same thing. It is simply an advanced version of a regular car wash. It is a more thorough process that goes beyond what a car wash can accomplish to clean, correct, and protect your investment.

The same way your body is an investment and you prefer taking it to fine restaurant than to fast food is similar it is better to take your to a professional Auto detailer than to a car wash center.

Detailers are professionals who have years of experience on utilizing the right car wash chemicals & waxes, washing techniques or practices, and processes to properly maintain your vehicle's exterior and interior health. The same way dermatologist specialize in maintaining your skin care, detailers specialize in maintaining your car's exterior and interior. Unlike your brick & mortar car wash, which focus on speed and volume, Detailers take their time with each individual client to deliver on the job. Detailing is like an art restorer.

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