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Product Description:


Your car’s carpet and upholstery take a serious beating from stains and ground-in dirt. Oxi Magic cleaner brings fabric back to life, restoring its plush, luxurious beauty. A breakthrough in cleaning technology, it uses oxygen action to power through the most stubborn stains, and begins dissolving them on contact.


Turtle Wax T-9 1-Step Wax & Dry - 26 oz.

    • The quickest, easiest way to a high gloss Turtle Wax shine, just wash car, spray and dry
    • Provides all the shine and protection of a traditional wax in a fraction of the time
    • Formulated with a blend of carnauba wax and protective polymers for maximum shine and protection
    • One bottle waxes up to 17 cars
    • Keep out of reach of children
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