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Washing the Car
Washing the Car


Beauty Is In the Details

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Mobile Booking Services

MObile Detailing SERVICES

  • Interior & Exterior Detail + Shampoo Seat & Carpet + Leather Vinyl Pla...

    More Info!

    3 hr 30 min

    Starting at $250
  • Full Interior & Exterior Detail + Clay Bay + Iron Removal + Waxing + ...

    More Info!

    4 hr 30 min

    Starting at $350
  • ONLY Full Interior Detail + Shampoo + Leather Vinyl Plastic Cleaning(...

    More Info!

    2 hr 30 min

    Starting at $180
  • Full Exterior Detail + Clay Bar + Iron Removal + Apply Waxing + Inter...

    More Info!

    3 hr

    Starting at $250
  • Exterior Detail + Clay Bar + Iron Removal + Apply All-In-One Polish +I...

    More Info!

    5 hr

    Starting at $300
  • Exterior Detail + Clay Bar + Iron Removal + Remove Imperfections +Inte...

    More Info!

    7 hr

    Starting at $450
  • Express Interior & Exterior Detail + Vacuuming + Wipe Down

    More Info!

    1 hr 15 min

    Starting at $100
  • Tint Installation, Sun Visor Strip Tint, & Tint Removal

    More Info!

    3 hr 30 min

    Starting At $99
  • Full Interior & Exterior Detail + Hand Wash + Boats - MotorCycles - R...

    More Info!

    5 hr

    Contact us for quote
  • Detail Brush + Drill Brush + Steamer Remove Stains & Grimes + Microfib...

    More Info!

    1 hr

    All Vehicles at $50
  • Run Ozone Generator Machine To Remove Odor + Apply Air Refreshment Tr...

    More Info!

    1 hr

    All Vehicles at $75
  • Thoroughly Clean Engine Components + Blow Dry + Condition

    More Info!

    45 min

    All Vehicles at $50
  • Remove Pet Hair + Apply Air Deodorizer

    More Info!

    45 min

    All Vehicles at $50
  • Clean Both Front Headlights + Sand & Buffing + IPA Wipe + Apply 1 Yr. ...

    More Info!

    45 min

    All Vehicles at $65

Is it worth it?

High-quality ceramic coating can last longer than traditional paint protection films as it forms a strong bond with your vehicle's paint. Unlike traditional waxes and protection films, ceramic car coatings can maintain scratch resistance and hydrophobic properties for years.

Auto Repair Center Marose Mobile Detailing 141 Chestnut Ave, Irvington, NJ 07111

Meet The Detail Team!

Marose is a family owned and operated mobile detailing and car wash company located in Hillside, New Jersey. We also have our Auto Center/Auto Repair location at 141 Chestnut Ave. Irvington NJ. At Marose Mobile Detailing we are driven by attention to detail, excellence, and delivering a professional service to you. We work with you at every step of the detailing experience to make sure you are satisfied with our work.

Marose Mobile Detailing & CarWash LLC services the greater Union County and the adjacent counties such as:

Adjacent counties:

  • Essex County – north.

  • Union County

  • Hudson County – northeast.

  • Middlesex County – south.

  • Somerset County – west.

  • Morris County – northwest.

  • Passaic County 

  • Bergen County 

Note: We will meet you at other locations if additional travel fees are satisfied. 

Why do you need a Detailer?

Detailers are professionals who have years of experience on utilizing the right car wash chemicals & waxes, washing techniques or practices, and processes to properly maintain your vehicle's exterior and interior health. The same way dermatologist specialize in maintaining your skin care, detailers specialize in maintaining your car's exterior and interior. Unlike your brick & mortar car wash, which focus on speed and volume, Detailers take their time with each individual client to deliver on the job. Detailing is like an art restorer.


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